While exciting new functionality is always being developed on behalf of our clients, much of BPT’s technology exists as proven, robust “off the shelf”, modular soft- and hardware. As such, our delivered solutions typically consist of combinations of these existing components, customised to suit both the deployment environment and the unique requirements of each client.

All components can be rapidly combined and configured in multiple ways to deliver on individual programme requirements. In all cases, simple and easy protocols and interfaces enable users with no prior experience to quickly and intuitively both operate the devices and perform their required operational roles. Off-site management and administrative staff are afforded live web access to all data, either raw or, more typically, via custom dashboards offering any level of granularity desired. Where required, automated reports can be configured and electronically delivered via email and sms.



Centralised, cloud based data storage and management services.


Compact, low cost field units, generally based around mobile phones, tablets and/or specially configured microcomputers, which are used by field agents to register, track and manage interaction with targeted individuals.


Management, monitoring and evaluation tools and dashboards customized to turn raw data into valuable “at a glance” insights and information.


Integrated payment and rewards management and delivery services


Ancillary field hardware which may be required to capture fingerprints, print vouchers and/or QR codes and manage physical access to facilities.


Biometrically secured participant and admin validation/access

Offline functional capability with auto-sync on detection of connectivity

Automated cashless payments through ATM-redeemable voucher delivery

Utilities, mobile airtime, retail vouchering delivery

Downloadable format data (CSV, Excel)

Full event and administrative audit trail

POPIA and GDPR (EU) compliant processes and systems

Automated reporting via text or email


BPT profile management systems incorporate various protocols to minimize the risks inherent to the collection of profile data in the field Foremost amongst these protocols are the use of biometrics along with a secondary identifier (ID or cellphone number) as an identity validator as well as system access gateway. Advanced encryption and decryption protocols further protect data against illegal access.


BPT mitigates against risks associated with financial incentivization and payments to individuals. Events triggering payment require at least two persona biometric validation. Payments are “cashless” and executed through delivery, to a validated recipient mobile phone number, of a voucher number string which can be redeemed at an ATM. Vouchers can also be delivered for mobile airtime, utilities such as electricity, and shopping credit at participating stores. Further, live monitoring dashboards and a full audit trail allow detection and red flagging of any suspicious activity which may occur.