What we do

Broccoli Project Technologies (BPT) develops, implements and supports purpose-built, biometrically accessed “profile management” solutions. These solutions allow comprehensive control and oversight of initiatives requiring the enrolment, tracking, management and payment of multiple individual participants.

In the decade since it was founded, Broccoli Project Technologies has established itself as the leading Southern African provider of purpose-built tech solutions for the management and tracking of people-based research projects and social upliftment initiatives within disadvantaged communities. These solutions have been tested and deployed under the harshest physical and social conditions and have evolved to the point where they consistently deliver exceptional levels of reliability, security and ease of use.


BPT platforms can be deployed in multiple contexts to provide technical support for initiatives such as:

School-based educational programmes – typically involving the monitoring, incentivization and rewarding of learners in return for attending school and achieving specific academic and other milestones

Health-related, incentivized behavioural and educational programmes – for example, AIDS prevention, HIV status determination and “linking-to-care” initiatives.

Environmentally beneficial initiatives – platforms enabling individuals, aggregators, depots and recyclers to interact and transact via a mobile-based value chain and transactional platform.

Sports activity attendance management and reporting.

Research projects requiring absolute protection against “co-enrolment” – for example, therapeutic trials.

Secure and remote delivery of social benefits – such as disability grants, pensions etc.



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