Client: Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Location: Western Cape, RSA
Period: 2010 – Ongoing

BPT develops and maintains the profile management systems which allow the DTHF to process community members through their mobile and permanent HIV clinics. These HIV clinics provide a community health service as well as help enable specific therapeutic research programmes. Where HIV testing and/or research is incentivized via the provision of cash vouchers, BPT systems’ biometric component is particularly effective in maintaining participant anonymity while preventing fraudulent repeat visits and/or co-enrolment (where concurrent enrolment in another DTHF research programme would invalidate both programmes).

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Client: MiET Africa
Location: KwaZulu-Natal, RSA
Duration: 2012-2014

RHIVA KZN was a ground breaking, school-based HIV prevention initiative that was implemented in 14 rural schools in Vulindlela. BPT developed and deployed the field devices and software systems which successfully enabled enrolment, monitoring and rewarding of participants in areas which often had neither electricity nor data connectivity. BPT continues to provide services to other MiET initiatives.

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Client: MiET Africa
Location: Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia
Duration: 2015-2016

Following the success of the KZN RHIVA project, similar initiatives were successfully implemented in schools in three SADC countries. As the provider of the profile management and payment platform underpinning all three initiatives, BPT negotiated a rare authorisation from the SA Reserve Bank to deliver direct automated cash payments from SA into these territories. This required integration of the BPT payment system with the individual local mobile money service providers, Zoona (Zambia), Vodacom (Mozambique) and MobiPay (Namibia).

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Client: TENA Recycling
Location: Tanzania
Duration: 2013-2015

Located in Arusha, Tanzania, this project generated both a positive environmental and job creation outcome in that it provided participants with an opportunity to earn cash in return for collecting and/or managing material for recycling. As the sole technology platform provider, BPT developed a mobile phone-based system which enabled the entire transactional value chain linking collectors to aggregators to recyclers. The system included components such as role-based pricing and mark-up controls, and automated calculation and delivery of mobile payments between the various stakeholders, based on the weight and type of material being traded.

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Client: Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Location: Masiphumelele, Western Cape, RSA
Duration: 2012-Ongoing

The Youth Centre’s goal is to assist adolescents to realise their potential, while fostering the confidence and knowledge to make healthy life choices. It provides a safe environment where youth aged 12-22 from diverse communities have access to reproductive healthcare as well as a space to gather, play and prosper. Over 4,000 youth are currently registered. BPT provides the electronic systems which facilitate enrolment, monitoring and incentivisation of members in return for engaging in social as well as health seeking activities. Rewards are generated in the form of “Tutus”, which can be redeemed against an electronic shopping list of goods ranging from groceries to mobile airtime and driver’s license lessons.

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Client: Amandla EduFootball
Location: Western Cape, RSA

German-based but with a strong RSA presence, Amandla Edufootball aims to create globally-replicable, safe spaces that use the power of football to engage youth in holistic development. Located in multiple sites within Cape Town’s less privileged communities, these “Safe-hubs” use BPT’s platform and services to enrol and manage the activities of participant children, including such things as biometric based access control to premises and activities.

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Clients: PicknPay, Shoprite-Checkers
Location: South Africa
Duration: 2011-ongoing

Working through The Broccoli Project Trust* and alongside PicknPay, BPT provided the underlying funding, IP and business expertise behind this ground breaking initiative designed to promote “responsible giving”. The project involves making booklets of R50 and R20 denomination vouchers – exchangeable for food and clothing only – available for purchase at face value for distribution to the poor by individuals and organisations. This structure enables donors to rest assured that, unlike cash donations, 100% of their donation will flow, in a beneficial form, to the intended recipient. Further, through an underlying reconciliation system administered by BPT and the Trust, all individual vouchers are trackable as to point of purchase and redemption and the respective times/dates thereof. The project has recently been successfully expanded to include Shoprite-Checkers as distribution and redemption partners.
* A Section 18a charitable institution that owns 26% of BPT.

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